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Letting pain and
tension go away

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Alexander Technique teacher


Chronic back pain brought me to the Alexander Technique after a long search.

How does it work?


Conscious movement and a new awareness of your body lead to less pain and more satisfaction.


I would like to share this experience with you!

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Do you suffer
from migraine?

Pain killers are not the solution.


Unconscious, daily habits contribute to your pain.


Alexander Technique helps you to calm your system and change these habits.

Pain from working on a screen?

Ergonomic furniture and relaxation exercises have only limited effect?


Alexander Technique can help you.


Explore your habits and make changes in "how you work" and in your work environment. 

Discomfort while walking or running?

You can't engage in sports the way you want to?


Explore and learn to influence harmful posture and movement habits with Alexander Technique to be more efficient and have fun.

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Hüttenweg 14
14195 Berlin

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