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I often have migraine attacks, and I used to have to spend days in bed. The Alexander Technique makes it easier for me to recognize the harbingers of my migraines. I am more conscious of regular meals and rest. This results in a milder course.

After a few weeks of the Alexander Technique, I noticed that I was becoming more attentive to tension on the computer. I can always align myself now, take short breaks. I no longer allow myself to be "drawn into" the screen, have a healthy distance.



My back pain the day before the Berlin Marathon almost made me decline. Petra then showed me the alignment upwards and forwards while running. So I was able to enjoy the marathon until the finish line.

With regular Alexander Technique I pay much more attention to my posture, e.g. how I sit down. I am more mindful when walking, my periphery has become larger. After the lesson, I just feel good, it's good for me.



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